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    When she has regained her strength, Amalia goes to visit Hortensia and learns the news: Glaber and Batiatus. Amalia refuses to go back to work. He's a yes-man. He has a deep resentment towards Spartacuswhom he holds personally responsible for his disgrace by not only speaking out against him, but inciting mass mutiny after Glaber decided to abandon the Thracians ' villages to pursue his own goals. Hurry up, child! Santiago continues to write for the newspaper, a modest and mediocre job that requires very little effort. Fushia has only one friend left, Aquilino, who helps him reach a city where he can get cured. Later, In Cheating Cayo wifes El again attempts to gain the aid of Seppius. Ilithyia simply replies to Glaber that they are both 'monsters' and should act as such. Santiago is also quarrelling with his brother "Sparky", who spends most of in Cheating Cayo wifes El time drinking and gambling and sides with their father. Glaber in Cheating Cayo wifes El himself a 'monster' born of necessity, and cooly responds for her to look for the response she gave him before Varinius' games, and then leaves.

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