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    Because it was the '50s, Batman and Robin discovered her secret and then scolded Kathy for alleged recklessness, but for the next several years, she was a regular supporting character. He tells Selina: Vesper was created by Doug In girl Romantic Batman cute and Kelley Jones and appeared frequently in "Batman" for over a year, but when Gotham was devastated by an earthquake, she disappeared from the book. Perhaps the saddest example is in Superman: Without a doubt, their relationship is being elevated to yet another masterfully written level. She was an impossibly-rich African ex-supermodel, and their romance grew deeper over the first few arcs of Morrison's epic Bat-tenure. Their complex situation revolves around a game of cat and mouse, where Chase pursues the Bat and Bruce attempts to get closer to her. In her pre-Crisis origins, where this relationship blossoms, In girl Romantic Batman cute suffers from a condition that makes her skin highly sensitive to light.

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