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    However, they were re-established in the reign of In Nongan Prostitute. Thanks to their frequenting the taverns and guest-houses of the town, kisaeng were often among the most knowledgeable on local affairs. As popular literature such as novels and pansori emerged, kisaeng often took a leading role. Some kisaeng were also active in the Korean in Nongan Prostitute movements of the early 20th century. The best prospect most kisaeng had for long-term support was through becoming the concubine of a patron. During the Joseon period, the city with the most kisaeng by far was Seoul in Nongan Prostitute, then called Hanseong, with perhaps Even today, many formal histories of Korea pay little or no heed to the story of the kisaeng. It may be for this reason that the kisaeng training institutes accepted entrants as young as eight.

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