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    Most police abuses go unpunished, and the resulting climate of impunity remains a serious obstacle to ending police abuse and extrajudicial killings. As of year's end, Islam and 2 others accused in the case were free on bail, 18 individuals were in jail, and 3 are not in custody. In addition to an official government-owned wire service, there is one privately-owned wire service affiliated Narayanganj in Adult sex a major international company. The case is ongoing. Much of the judiciary Narayanganj in Adult sex subject to executive influence and suffers from corruption. On June 29, the Government banned a book written by Matiur Rahman Rentu, a former aide to Awami League president and current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, on the grounds that it contained materials that could provoke hatred and malice toward the Government. Police committed a number of extrajudicial killings, and some persons died in police custody under suspicious circumstances. The Home Affairs Ministry controls the police and paramilitary forces, which bear primary responsibility for maintaining internal security. Slightly more than half of all children are chronically malnourished. Narayanganj in Adult sex remains abroad in self-imposed exile, and both criminal and civil cases Qardho men Women in for looking her for insulting religious beliefs Narayanganj in Adult sex pending. The study asserted that the SPA cases generally are so weak and vague that the court had no alternative but to grant bail.

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