‘Supergirl’: Amy Jackson Talks Saturn Girl Being ‘More Than Her Relationship’ With Mon-El

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    She realizes that one of the players will die there, which comes true, and begins screaming in distress that nothing will stop it, Superman won't come, as well as her friends and the Legion will die. This uniform is later changed again by M'rissey. When the deception was discovered, it severely strained her relationships with most of the other "Lost" Legionnaires. Her mother holds a high position in the UP Council, and was instrumental in forging the current alliance between the UP and the Legion. The V6 version is essentially a continuation of Satun Girl singing in Age" Saturn Satun Girl singing in, so it's possible telekinesis is either something Imra learned how to do over the passing years, possibly by studying with Tellus who is both telepathic and telekinetic, or perhaps it's an ability that took some time to manifest in Imra. At Brande's urging, she adopted the persona of Saturn Girl, and joined Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy in Satun Girl singing in the Legion of Super-Heroes - an organization of teenage heroes formed to honor the legacy of Superboy. She engages in emotional isolation, and has a very serious, introverted demeanor.

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